Federal Shutdown Impacts in Spokane: Day 1

By Paige Browning

The federal government’s partial shutdown began this morning. Some 800,000 federal workers nationwide were told not to come to work today. In the Northwest, national parks and national monuments like Mount Saint Helens are closed. Campers have been given 2 days to relocate. The Washington State Department of the Military says roughly 1,000 federal technicians, including vehicle and aircraft maintenance workers, were sent home.
  • WIC, the food program for women and children, will stay open for up to nine days according to the state Department of Health.
  • The U.S. Postal Service relies on postal fees, and is able to continue with mail as usual.
  • Highway projects will continue.
  • Unemployment benefits in Washington will be paid through this week, but the employment security department says it’s uncertain it can maintain payments past this week.
  • The health insurance marketplace was rolled out yesterday and continues to operate today, in spite of the fact that the federal health care law is at the center of why a government shutdown happened in the first place.
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