White House Shooting Confession Should Be Thrown Out According To Lawyer

By Tom Bacon

A lawyer for an Idaho man accused of trying to assassinate President Barack Obama claims that his client's confession was coerced by federal agents and should be thrown out of court.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez of Idaho Falls was accused of driving from Idaho to Washington last year and shooting at the White House with his semi-automatic rifle. If he's convicted in a Washington D-C federal court, he faces life in prison.

But Ortega-Hernandez's lawyer, Robert Spelke, now claims that his statements to investigators after his arrest were not voluntary - that officers handcuffed and shackled him, and that he had no food, water or bathroom breaks during his questioning.

Spelke said federal agents claimed that his client signed a waiver of his Miranda rights, but that he's been unable to find the document in evidence turned over by prosecutors.

People who knew Ortega-Hernandez in Idaho Falls said he believed that Obama was the Anti-Christ, and that he was being persecuted by the federal government.

Following the shooting at the White House, officers found a rifle, loaded magazines and ammunition in Ortega-Hernandez's car which was abandoned several blocks away.

Ortega-Hernandez now flatly denies that he fired at the White House, that he has any animosity toward the president. or even that he owned the rifle used in the shooting.
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