Park Service Investigates What Led Ranger To Shoot Boater

By Jessica Robinson

The National Park Service is investigating what led a park ranger to shoot a man in eastern Washington over the weekend. The victim’s family says the ranger put a child at risk. It happened at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area near Kettle Falls.

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area in eastern Washington. Credit: nps.govOn Saturday night, two rangers responded to a noise complaint about a houseboat at the Kettle River campground. A scuffle ensued and a ranger shot a man on board.

Both the National Park Service and the Washington State Patrol are now investigating what happened. Park Service spokeswoman Jaime Smith says the federal agency will also do an internal review of the use of force – which she says is rare for a park ranger.

Photo: Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area in eastern Washington. Credit: nps.govThe family of shooting victim Casey Hartinger says he was standing next to a 9-year-old boy when the ranger fired the shot.

Jamie Smith: “We're just looking at the action that was taken and ensuring that policies were followed, all the guidelines, all our manuals were followed.”

Michael Joe Sublie, the owner of the houseboat, has been charged with threatening a federal employee and unreasonable noise. Both are misdemeanors.

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