WSU Spokane Financially Ready for 2nd Year Med School

By Steve Jackson

There’s some good news for the WSU Spokane Medical school, and it will result in more students enrolled in the program. WSU Spokane officials say they are excited that the Spokane community has chipped in $2.3 million, enough to meet a requirement from WSU’s partner, the University of Washington, to be able to host 2nd year medical students.
The first years students have been on the Spokane campus for some time now, but this will mark the first semester that second year students, 19 of them, will be taking classes outside of Seattle.
WSU Spokane Chancellor Lisa Brown says her school and UW are also teaming up to lawmakers to try to expand med education even further on the Spokane campus.

Brown: “Every years the UW school of medicine turns away hundreds of qualified students, just not enough space in the program. And so we’d like to grow that capacity by 40 students .And we here in Spokane are in a position to be able to educate those students. We’ve got the building that will open December 6th, and were prepared to hire the faculty and support for those medical students.”
Brown says they hope to add 20 students per year until they have 80 students per class, or 160 total. Students who are their third and four year of the program work hands-on in clinical settings. Brown says the more residency students get in area clinics, the more likely that will translate into additional doctors in rural areas of Eastern Washington.
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