Washington Governor Announces ‘Soft Launch’ Of Performance Indicators

By Austin Jenkins

Washington Governor Jay Inslee wants to more than double the number of state-funded preschool slots by 2019. He also wants to decrease the number of SUVs purchased by the state. 

The Democrat plans to track those goals and many others like them using a new government accountability program he calls: Results Washington. Inslee announced a “soft launch” of the data-driven approach to state government at a news conference Tuesday.

Jay Inslee: “So even if we don’t achieve every single one of these goals right away our efforts will bring us closer to success and we will be better equipped to engage our employees, partners and public in building a working Washington.”

Inslee says Results Washington will build on data-driven performance programs launched under previous governors. It’s centered around five statewide goals. They include creating a “world-class education” and a “prosperous economy.”

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