Attendance Up At Northwest Gun Shows

By Scott Graf

The organizer of a gun show this weekend in Boise says he expects around 4000 people to attend. Paul Snider has organized gun shows in the West and Northwest for more than 30 years. He says this weekend’s show could attract 25-percent more people than a normal gun show in the same venue.

Snider expects the larger audience as a result of the December shootings in Newtown, Connecticut...and President Obama’s plans for increased gun control.

Snider says people are afraid of that, and "therefore there is a lot of extra buying going on for the items that they think he’s going to restrict in any way.”

That includes ammunition, high capacity magazines and guns that can shoot a high volume of bullets quickly.

Snider says attendance at his gun shows increased after the president’s re-election in November, and has stayed high since the Newtown shootings. He estimates crowds at a show he organized last weekend in Spokane were 15 to 20-percent larger than normal.

Snider has hired extra staff and security for this weekend’s show in Boise.

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