Tribal Nations begin to arrive in Quinault

By William Robbins - KWSO

Over 100 canoes have come ashore in Washington’s Quinault nation kicking off a week long celebration of culture and tradition.. The event is known as Canoe journey and since its modest beginnings in 1989 the event has gained in popularity.

For the past few weeks canoe families from around the Pacific Northwest have been steadily making their way from rivers, bays and ocean waters that lead to Washington’s Quinault Indian nation. Families from as far as Alaska and Canada and as near as Oregon and Washington are participating.

Four years ago the Warm Springs reservation of Oregon returned to the way of the canoe as a means of cultural revitalization. Jefferson Greene is one of the coordinators for the Nchi’wannapum canoe family of Warm Springs, he says Canoe Journeys create opportunities for tribal members to re-learn, strengthen and reinforce tribal traditions.

Jefferson Greene (:20) This journey is about unifying nations from throughout the Pacific North West, its very new to Warmsprings but the way of the canoe is not new to Warmsprings. And so we are revitalizing this part of our culture and history by bringing the canoes back to our culture...

For the next Five days each participating tribe will share gifts of song and dance, offer prayers and share meal… when its over each one involved will gain a greater cultural understanding of other tribes and life itself.

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