Pot Rules Detailed for Spokane

By John Vlahovich/Paige Browning

Exercising its emergency protocol, the Spokane city council passed a set of marijuana growing regulations last night (Monday). The Spokane ordinance is effectively immediately, through the next three months.

Councilmember Jon Snyder says the state liquor control board plans to hand down marijuana rules by next month, which forced the city to shift regulation efforts into high gear.

Snyder: “We first addressed this issue by having this council pass a new moratorium on medical marijuana operations until we could get some of these things sorted out and figure out what the policy interplay was between I-502 and the existing medical marijuana statutes.”

The interim ordinance establishes zones where so-called medical marijuana collective gardens can be located. Another regulation requires the venues be closed between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. 

Agnes Broncho testified and said too much of the zone area is located within low-income neighborhoods. Another concern about location came from council member Nancy McLaughlin, worried that adding marijuana growing in the Garland District will not bode well in an area with several taverns or bars.

A planning commission public hearing will be scheduled soon to listen to resident concerns before a final ordinance is drafted.

Link to City of Spokane Fact Sheet: Marijuana Emergency Ordinance
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