Sen. Murray's 'Violence Against Women Act' Denied

By Tom Bacon

Washington Senator Patty Murray was forced to watch helplessly today (Thursday) as a bill important to her died along with the 112th Congress.
Despite intervention by Vice President Joe Biden earlier this week, the Violence Against Women Act was not brought up in the House by GOP legislative gate-keepers in the last chaotic days of the congress.

The measure had easily passed the Senate with bi-partisan support.

Murray lashed out at House leaders, saying they kowtowed to the extreme right wing faction of the Repulbican Party.  Murray's bill would have extended protection to three groups of domestic violence victims not covered by the original law - LGBT individuals, undocumented aliens and Native American women.

But the House refused to extend the additional protections, despite urging from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Murray said extending protection to Indian women was especially important, since rape and sexual abuse are so common among them.  Murray's violence agasint women measure must now start over from scratch since legislation does not survive from one Congress to the next. She said if the Republican Party is concerned about its relationship with women, it must - as she put it - put that concern to action."
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