Rosauers Supermarket In Idaho Bans Transgender Woman From Store

By Jessica Robinson

A supermarket in north Idaho has banned a transgender woman from the store after she used the women's restroom.

Ally Robledo, born Alberto Robledo, identifies as a woman. Courtesy photo.Police issued Ally Robledo a trespass notice that will make it a misdemeanor for her to enter the store for one year.

Managers at the Rosauers in Lewiston told police they received complaints from women about Robledo using the restroom. Robledo was born male as Alberto, but identifies and dresses like a woman and is the process of transitioning physically.

Ally Robledo: “So when I use the female restroom, I feel more comfortable, I feel like a lady, I don't invade anybody's privacy and for them to bring that out in a no trespassing order is just humiliating.”

The 25-year-old trans woman claims the Spokane-based grocery chain violated her civil rights, and she’s looking into a lawsuit. Idaho law does not outright prevent businesses from denying service to someone based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

Rosauers did not respond to requests for comment.

Rosauers operates stores in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Photo: Ally Robledo, born Alberto Robledo, identifies as a woman. Courtesy photo.

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