Northwest Wheat Harvest Could Be Down This Summer

By Chris Lehman

Northwest farmers are expected to harvest less wheat this summer. The projections indicate a down year in Oregon, Idaho and Washington.

The wheat harvest forecast has a lot to do with the weather forecast. Blake Rowe of the Oregon Wheat Growers League says it was a drier than usual spring, especially east of the Cascades where much of the Northwest wheat crop is grown.

Blake Rowe: "When you have these dry conditions the crops ripen a little bit earlier and then harvest will start a little sooner. That's not necessarily a good thing in this case because it's an indication that we haven't had the kind of moisture we need to have a really good crop."

Rowe says the lower harvest isn't just due to the weather. Every year farmers shift emphasis from crop to crop to take advantage of market conditions. This year, farmers planted less wheat in all three Northwest states. The U.S. Department of Agriculture projects this summer's harvest will be down 13 percent in Oregon, nine percent in Idaho and four percent in Washington.

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