Another Foot Washes Up On A Northwest Beach

By Lisa Brooks

The King County Medical Examiner's office is working to identify a human foot that was found in a sneaker that washed up on the shore off Elliott Bay. Port of Seattle Police say it was found by some people who were cleaning trash from Centennial Park yesterday morning.

There have been more than a dozen human feet in sneakers that have washed ashore in Washington and British Columbia since 2007. But an expert on marine debris thinks any connection to foul play is unlikely.

Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer is a Seattle Oceanographer who has made a career of tracking things that float on ocean currents. He says it's most likely that all these feet in sneakers are floating because of the type of buoyant materials in the shoes.

As to where this most recent discovery comes from, Ebbesmeyer says the most logical place would be somewhere nearby.

And it probably got washed into the bay with the heavy weekend rains.

Ebbesmeyer: "it was a very wet storm and I would guess that a lot of water came down the Duwamish, so it may be that the recent storms have dislodged materials from the banks or somewhere that water doesn't usually get and washed it down."

However, he's not ruling out the possibility the foot could have come from much farther away. Perhaps as far as the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

The Port of Seattle is handling the investigation of the discovery.

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