Knockaderry Pub Nods to Spokane’s Sister City

By Paige Browning

The food orders are in and the liquor is stocked for what will be the biggest weekend yet at a Spokane Irish bar. Knockaderry Pub opened at the beginning of March, and gives a nod to Spokane’s sister city.
In the back of the house, staff are whipping up Reuben’s and fish-and-chips, and are ready to poor a glass of Guinness or Irish whiskey. Owner Colleen Freeman says her bar combines an old-world feel with a modern twist. And if you wonder what the name means, that’s just what Freeman was hoping for.
Freeman: “The name is Knockaderry, and it means hill of the oak. And it’s a small village in the county Limerick, in Ireland, which Limerick is our sister city to Spokane.
Freeman says she’s thought about opening an Irish restaurant for years, even before she opened the Satellite diner. This year she found a location, on Broadway near the county courthouse.
Freeman: “I was just watching this spot and thought it was a cool little space in a really up and coming neighborhood with Kendall Yards growing so much, and I looked around the neighborhood and it just seems like it needed a cool little place on the north side of the river.”
Knockaderry Irish Pub is open daily from 7:00am to 2:00am. She called the first week busy, and has one thought as they prep for Saint Patrick’s Day: “open the doors and cross my fingers.”
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