U. Idaho Event Looks At National Debt, Other Issues

By Tom Bacon

A University of Idaho symposium with a yawn-inducing title may crackle with lively thinking and debate about some defining issues of the nation -- debt, taxes and economic growth.
The UI McClure Center for Public Policy Research is calling its get-together "Federal Fiscal Issues."  But despite the non-sexy title, the symposium has attracted some first-rank players in the political and policy battles over fiscal condition and reform.

Former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson will be there. He's one of the co-authors of the Simpson-Bowles report which was offered as a way out of the current fiscal mess. It included nearly one-to-one tax increases and spending cuts, a ratio that Congress couldn't stomach.  Maya MacGuineas will be there. She runs the Committee for a Responsible Fiscal Budget, a private group dedicated to persuading politicians from all spectrums to give up their entrenched ideological positions to find common, workable middle ground.

Two Idaho Republican members of Congress will be there. Senior Senator Mike Crapo and senior House member Mike Simpson are on the panel. And representing the Democratic PArty will be Senator Mark Warner of Virginia.

The McClure Center for Public Policy focuses on issues that impact the state, the region and the nation.  The symposium, scheduled Tuesday, will run from 8 until 10 p.m. with a live studio audience. It'll be aired by Idaho Public Television.
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