Idaho's 2013 Medicaid Rolls At Highest Level Yet

By Emilie Ritter Saunders

More low-income Idahoans were on Medicaid last year than ever before. While growth has slowed, more enrollees are expected. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare says Medicaid enrollment increased 3.5 percent last year, which marks a slow-down in recent growth of the program.

Data: Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare | Chart: Emilie Ritter SaundersStill, the average monthly enrollment – at more than 236,000 – is the highest it’s ever been in Idaho. The department’s annual report of facts, figures and trends says Idaho’s total Medicaid bill last year was more than $2 billion. The state pays nearly a quarter of that, while the federal government picks up two-thirds.

The agency estimates up to 35-thousand more Idahoans could join Medicaid by the end of the year. These are people who’ve likely always been eligible for the low-income health care program, but have never signed up. They may now be encouraged to do so because of the health law’s individual insurance mandate.

Photo: Data: Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare | Chart: Emilie Ritter Saunders

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