Pregnancy Resource Clinics Ask For Idaho Sales Tax Exemption

By Emilie Ritter Saunders

Requests for new sales tax exemptions have started to surface at the Legislature. The latest would exempt pregnancy resource clinics from sales tax.  That means any purchase made by one of the non-profit clinics, wouldn’t be subject to Idaho’s 6 percent sales tax. 

Freshman legislator Kelley Packer, a Republican from McCammon, wants to make sure some pregnancy resource centers in Idaho don’t pay sales tax on equipment and other supplies. Her bill would exempt pregnancy resource clinics that are non-profit and don’t provide abortion services.

Packer says the clinics benefit young Idahoans, and taxing them creates a financial burden for the non-profit centers.

The state already exempts about 75 specific uses, entities and goods from sales tax. That includes things like ski lifts, funeral caskets, food bank purchases and hospital purchases.

Last year, lawmakers exempted samples of beer and wine from sales tax, and some airplane parts.

Packer estimates her exempting the roughly one-dozen pregnancy resource centers in Idaho would cost about 10-thousand dollars a year in sales tax revenue.
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