Dry Year Overall for Spokane in 2013

By Steve Jackson

It has been a dry winter in Spokane as far as snow is concerned. And that has contributed to overall dry conditions for the year 2013.

As of the last week of December, the total amount of precipitation that has fallen at the weather service office near the airport has been about 11 and a half inches for the entire year. The normal amount would be 16.16 inches. In addition since the first of December, 3.4 inches of snow has fallen. The normal amount is 11.4 inches.

Paul Bos of the National Weather service says, that’s far below the normal for an average year, but looking back over the last ten years or so, not without precedent. He says "I can pretty much guarantee we’ve had one or two like this, so this is not terribly uncommon.” Bos says in the long term, the number used to find the average amount of precipitation can include extremes.

Bos: “A lot of times, you get these wide ranges between a warm winter, warm and wet, and the snow, or cold and dry. And if you average them, that’s how we get our normal. So it’s a little bit more extreme on the ends, as far as the weather for Spokane."

Last year at this time, Spokane was slightly ahead of the curve for precipitation.
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