EPA Follows The Northwest's Lead With New Woodstove Emissions Standards

By Amelia Templeton

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed stricter standards for wood stoves. The agency plans to require manufacturers to build stoves that emit less fine particulate pollution. The EPA’s new rule would in effect catch the rest of the country up to the Northwest. Oregon and Washington already require new wood stoves to use clean burning technology.

Travis Industries, just outside Seattle, builds some of the lowest emissions stoves in the country. Perry Ranes is their sales manager. He says there are three tricks to an efficient stove. Heating the air so the wood burns completely. Adding a catalytic combustor to catch leftover soot. And making it look good.

Ranes: “The secret to all of this is not only designing something that the average individual can use, but at the same time is something that’s eye-appealing that you’d really like to have in your home.”

The EPA’s new standards could go into effect next year. The fine particles in wood smoke can cause cancer and heart attacks.
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