Spokane Priority List Headed to Olympia

By Paige Browning

A delegation from Spokane headed to Olympia Wednesday to get their priorities heard by state lawmakers.  City representatives are vying for things like studded tire restrictions, and a municipal library district.
At the top of the list is alternative dispute resolutions, or arbitration.  The city wants to add “housing” and “median household income” to items that an arbitrator can consider when settling out of court disputes.  The mayor is highly interested in the topic, according to Council President Ben Stuckart.  

Stuckart hopes the city’s plan for a voter approved municipal library fund gets traction.  This issue will be on the city ballot in February, and the city is looking to state legislators for support. Legislators have so far had their interest perked on transportation topics. 4th district Senator Mike
Padden says one idea is to tighten studded tire laws to protect Spokane’s roads.

[Padden] “I don’t’ know if studded tires would be eliminated but there is a chance they would be maybe reduced or there could possibly be a small fee added to the cost of the purchase of studded tires, some of which could go back to the jurisdictions where they’re purchased.”
Speaking of roads, the city is at it again fighting for North Spokane Corridor funding.  Current Senator Andy Billig worked for preliminary funding as a state representative.
[Billig] “One of the things we discussed is the city is very supportive of the regional priorities related to transportation including funding for the north Spokane corridor. That’s one of the things we discussed and one of the things I will work on as a member of the transportation committee in the Senate.”
City officials took these ideas and more to Olympia to persuade lawmakers on eastern-Washington born ideas.
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