In Eastern Oregon, 'Megaload' Resumes Its Crawl Towards Canada

By Scott Graf

A shipment of nearly a million pounds of oil field equipment has started moving again in eastern Oregon. It’s on its way to Idaho, Montana and then Canada. The controversial “megaload” has been delayed by court order, protestors, and for the past week, bad roads related to weather. But Tuesday night, the shipping company Omega Morgan resumed the move.

A spokeswoman for the company says the load went 50 miles during a seven hour trip along Highway 395 south of Pendleton. The shipper plans to move the load a similar distance Wednesday.
It’s expected to arrive in Idaho in the next several days. State transportation officials have completed a bridge analysis, while also looking over the company’s proposed route and transportation plan. 

No red flags have been raised, and a spokesman for the Idaho Transportation Department expects Omega Morgan to be issued the necessary permits just before the megaload reaches the state. Weather pending, the equipment could spend about five days in Idaho before entering western Montana. Alberta’s tar sands are its final destination.

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