GET Tuition Unwavering For First Time

By Paige Browning

Enrollment for Washington’s prepaid college tuition plan opened this month, and organizers say this is a particularly good year to sign up. GET, the Guaranteed Education Tuition program in Washington state is the second-largest of it’s kind in the country. People who enroll prepay for their child’s college tuition at the current tuition rate, to avoid rising tuition in the future.

GET Director Betty Lochner says this is the first time in the program’s history that tuition did not go up. She says "that’s great news for families, it gives a little bit of relief". But she also says it will go up again, as it always eventually does. "Tuition has been on an average over 9 percent for the past 10 years. So, it’s a great year to start,” says Lochner.
GET tuition follows the trends in tuition of the state’s largest public school, University of Washington. Lochner says enrolling is a good option for families who won’t be able to pay tuition all at once, or want to avoid the big ticket price of tuition years down the road.
Enrollment is open through the end of May, but account holders can add money at any time. GET units can be used at public or private schools nationwide, and some international institutions.
In the last full legislative session in Washington, there was discussion about defunding the GET program. Lochner wants to make it clear that the program is still running as usual and that the defunding bill was dropped.

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