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Men In Charge RadioAugust: Men In Charge

In August 2014, Program Director Verne Windham will try something a little different in the time that Selected Shorts generally airs. Longtime volunteer producer Tony Flinn and co-host Kevin Decker, both faculty at Eastern Washington University, have spent the past year or so working up a show that celebrates the sexes in a sometimes non-sequiter way.

"Men In Charge is short segments, interspersed with music, that indicate that the hosts have no clue what's going on," says Flinn as he notices Decker nodding silently. The two had the classic comedy duo Bob and Ray on the mind when creating their program: a variety of characters (although in this case, most are voiced by people culled from the SPR or EWU crowd), and 'sponsorships' from such corporate ideas such as "Sandpaper" and "Trampolines -- Idaho's #1 Babysitter."

The duo's Facebook page is Men In Charge Radio.

Selected Shorts will return in September.

Tune in to fiction. Each week on Selected Shorts, great actors from stage, screen and television bring short stories to life. 

September 7, 2014
Complicated Couples, hosted by Wyatt Cenac

“Do You Know Where I Am?,” By Sherman Alexie performed by Keir Dullea
“Game,” by Donald Barthelme performed by David Strathairn

September 14, 2014
Between Meals, hosted by Robert Sean Leonard

“Where You’ll Find Me,” by Ann Beattie, performed by Jane Kaczmarek
“The Year of Spaghetti,” by Haruki Murakami, performed by Michael Imperioli
“Reading Aloud,” by Marina Keegan performed by Rita Wolf

September 21, 2014
Too Much Information, hosted by Robert Sean Leonard

“Feathers,” by Raymond Carver, performed by Robert Sean Leonard
“The School,” by Donald Barthleme, performed by Laura Esterman

September 28, 2014
You Might As Well Live: A Dorothy Parker Celebration, hosted by Jane Curtin

“The Sexes,” Dorothy Parker, performed by Parker Posey
“Bohemia” (poem), by Dorothy Parker, performed by Heather Burns
“In the Throes,” by Dorothy Parker, performed by Heather Burns
“The Standard of Living,” by Dorothy Parker, performed by Hope Davis
“Waitress,” by Robert Coover, performed by Sonia Manzano

October 5, 2014
Next Stop, Greenwich Village
, hosted by Jane Curtin
A selection from My Sister Eileen, by Ruth McKenney, performed by Leenya Rideout
“Snowing in Greenwich Village,” by John Updike, performed by Jane Curtin
“Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant,” by Laurie Colwin, performed by Kelli O’Hara
Including Greenwich Village recollections by Dave Hill, Ralph Lee, Isaac Mizrahi, and Penny Arcade

October 12, 2014
Chance Encounters
, hosted by Jane Curtin
“Clair de Lune,” by Steven Millhauser, performed by James Naughton
“Night People,” by Sherman Alexie, performed by Wyatt Cenac
“Luck,” by Richard Bausch, performed by Campbell Scott

October 19, 2014
Tiny, But Mighty: Stories by Lydia Davis
, hosted by Jane Curtin
“Can’t and Won’t,” by Lydia Davis, performed by Lydia Davis
“If at the Wedding (at the Zoo),” by Lydia Davis, performed by Kaneza Schaal
“The Party,” by Lydia Davis, performed by Cristin Milioti
“The Two Davises and the Rug,” by Lydia Davis, performed by Dylan Baker
“The Egg Race,” by John Updike, performed by Alec Baldwin

October 26, 2014
Writers on Writing, hosted by Jane Kaczmarek

“The Writers Model,” by Molly Giles, performed by Kaneza Schaal
“Creative Writing,” by Etgar Keret, performed by Alex Karpovsky
“On Keeping a Notebook,” by Joan Didion, performed by Parker Posey
“I Dated Jane Austen,” by TC Boyle, performed by Isaiah Sheffer

November 2, 2014
Dreaming Out Loud: Neil Gaiman’s Halloween, hosted by Neil Gaiman

“When We Went to See the End of the World by Dawnie Morningside, Age 11¼,” by Neil Gaiman, performed by Kirsten Vangsness
“Evening Primrose,” by John Collier, performed by Neil Gaiman
“July Tale,” by Neil Gaiman, performed by Neil Gaiman

November 9, 2014
Transformations: More Neil Gaiman, hosted by Neil Gaiman

“Adventure Story,” by Neil Gaiman, performed by John Cameron Mitchell
“The Company of Wolves,” by Angela Carter, performed by Rita Wolf
“The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury,” by Neil Gaiman, performed by Denis O’Hare

November 16, 2014
Social Climbers, hosted by Cynthia Nixon

“Ambition,” by Jonathan Franzen, performed by Edie Falco
“From the Diary of a New York Lady,” by Dorothy Parker, performed by Mary Louise Wilson

November 23, 2014
Queens and Babies, hosted by Cynthia Nixon

“Magic and Dread,” by Jenny Offill, performed by Kaneza Schaal
“The Tragic Queen of Carthage,” from the Aenaid by Virgil, translated by Robert Fagles, performed by BD Wong

November 30, 2014
So You Want to Change the World? hosted by Robert Sean Leonard

“Homegirls on St. Nicholas Avenue,” by Sonia Sanchez, performed by Marsha Stephanie Blake
“Strike and Fade,” by Henry Dumas, performed by Francois Battiste
“Fenstad’s Mother,” by Charles Baxter; performed by Edie Falco

December 7, 2014
Love Songs? hosted by Robert Sean Leonard

“I Love Girl,” by Simon Rich; performed by Michael Ian Black
“When We Lived Together In the Belly of a Whale, Some Nights Were Perfect,” by Mara Sternberg, performed by BD Wong
“Jubilation, Florida,” by N.M Kelby, performed by Amy Ryan

December 14, 2014
Bad Boy: Celebrating Hunter S. Thompson, hosted by Stephen Colbert

“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Part One, Chapter 1,” by Hunter S. Thompson; performed by Alec Baldwin
“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Part One, Chapter 3,” by Hunter S. Thompson; performed by Anthony Rapp
“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Part One, Chapter 10,” by Hunter S. Thompson; performed by Michael Imperioli
Including comments by Thompson’s friends, colleagues, and literary heirs—Terry McDonell, Chuck Klosterman, Matt Taibbi

December 21, 2014
Ho, Ho, Huh? Selected Shorts’ Christmas Special, hosted by Jane Kaczmarek

“The H Street Sledding Record,” by Ron Carlson, performed by Keith Szarabajka
“Christmas Morning,” by Frank O’Connor, performed by Malachy McCourt
“Occurrence on the Six Seventeen,” George Shephard, performed by Tony Roberts
“Christmas in Qatar” (poem), by Calvin Trillin, performed by Calvin Trillin

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