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For over 20 years, audiences have been enjoying Harry Shearer's gift for satire and sketch material on Le Show which got it's start in 1983. It ran under various titles before Le Show was selected through the results of a listener contest. Harry, known for his voice work on The Simpsons, writes the sketches and performs all the voices as he romps through the worlds of media, politics, sports and show business while providing an eclectic array of music along the way.

About the host:
Harry Shearer is a comic personality who takes "hyphenate" to new levels. First and foremost an actor, he is also an author, director, satirist, musician, radio host, playwright, multi-media artist and record label owner. For 19 years the Los Angeles native has enjoyed enormous success and planted the fruits of his talents in the heads of millions worldwide thanks to his voice work for The Simpsons and The Simpsons Movie. Shearer plays a stable of characters: most notably Mr. Burns, Smithers, Ned Flanders, Rev. Lovejoy and Scratchy. In 2006, Shearer released his first novel, Not Enough Indians. Last November, movie audiences saw Shearer's newest collaboration with Christopher Guest and friends from A Mighty Wind, in the feature film, For Your Consideration.
In 2005, Shearer and Owen, launched Courgette Records. The label is distributed by Warner Music Group's Alternative Distribution Alliance. Shearer attended UCLA as a political science major, where he edited and wrote for the school humor magazine. He pursued graduate work at Harvard University and served a political internship in Sacramento before turning to freelance journalism, most notably covering the Watts riots for Newsweek.
Theatrically, Shearer has collaborated with writer Tom Leopold and composer Peter Matz to create the book and lyrics for an original musical about J. Edgar Hoover simply called J. EDGAR. The Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles presented Shearer's installation, WALL OF SILENCE, that featured key figures from the O.J. Simpson Trial in their least soundbite-stealing moments. He has won two Cable Ace Awards.

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